Painted Photos by M.K. Doehring

The images shown below all contain a watermark.  When you purchase the image you will receive the image without a watermark.

and a Star was borne.

and a Star was borne. With Watermark

Extensive work in this one. Great for the upcoming Holidays.

Price: $14.50


ASHEVILLE NC. With Watermark

Original by Limited edition . painted and digitized

Price: $14.75

Feet n: Ocean

Feet n: Ocean With Watermark

Twu different Photor combined, extensive colorwork.

Price: $12.50

Lady Nuveau

Lady Nuveau With Watermark

Antique Card ,edited ,colored, etc.

Price: $10.00

Merry Christmas to All.

Merry Christmas to All. With Watermark

Suitable for many Christmas occasions.

Price: $7.00


SKI-TIME With Watermark

Very old Photo , completely refurbished. by mkdoehring

Price: $14.50

Grove Park visit.

Grove Park visit. With Watermark

Extensive work at simple photo, Used lots of color, filters, etc. by MK Doehring.

Price: $17.00

Margie Girl 2013

Margie Girl 2013 With Watermark

Original composition by MK

Price: $12.75


OLD NC. MILL With Watermark

Original photo of old Mill taken in 1985 by MK Doehring , and edited ,colored and framed in 2014 You can now enjoy my digital art by printing it, or just putting it on your site.

Price: $13.50

Owl Watching at the zoo

Owl Watching at the zoo With Watermark

Composition of my original photos, Extensive painting and editing done.

Price: $13.50

Paint throwing

Paint throwing With Watermark

Old Photo w. gray back ground..Edited and colored. Completely changed from Original.

Price: $13.50

The Old Couple

The Old Couple With Watermark

Extensive color work on digitized photo. Original by MK Doehring.

Price: $12.50

Two Sisters

Two Sisters With Watermark

Old and faded photo was given new life with extended editing, coloring, frame, etc. Have older photos to rehab.? Will do editing for you.

Price: $12.50

Wilderness Cabin.

Wilderness Cabin. With Watermark

Discovered during a hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains. Old photo completely rehabbed, Colored, edited. High resolution, can be printed, Original work.

Price: $12.50


Wildflowers With Watermark

Extensive work in Photoshop CS6. by MK Edited, colored,etc, High resolution,can be printed and framed,

Price: $12.50

Blue Moose

Blue Moose With Watermark

Original Composition by MK

Price: $12.50

Dreaming, 1953,Original Photo

Dreaming, 1953,Original Photo With Watermark

fifty year old bllk. & white photo, edited,, colored,

Price: $10.00


Lake With Watermark

Origial Photo,w, filters, etc,

Price: $12.50

Look What's There!

Look Whats There! With Watermark

This was a faded old photo I took many years ago. I deleted the dull back ground . Can do some thing similar to your photos.

Price: $12.50

Moose n' Trees

Moose n Trees With Watermark

Combined and heavily edited and painted ,Original.

Price: $14.00


Mountains With Watermark

oil painting effect

Price: $7.00

Sisters - 1

Sisters - 1 With Watermark

Before editing

Sisters - 2

Sisters - 2 With Watermark

After editing. See 35 year old photo,after extensive coloring and editing.. Can redo your wedding photo.

Price: $14.00

The Happy Pair!

The Happy Pair! With Watermark

Not so great photos can be fun. Editing and imagination help.A Lot.

Price: $12.00

Vacation Time

Vacation Time With Watermark

Vacation Time

Price: $12.50

Easter 1952 - 1

Easter 1952 - 1 With Watermark

Same Photo as before, but extensively edited and colored.

Price: $14.00

A Brave Lady

A Brave Lady With Watermark

Cropped &colored,original photo

Price: $12.25

Bryce, the Photographer, 2013

Bryce, the Photographer, 2013 With Watermark

I can take your photo and turn it into a likeness of a painting.

Price: $12.50

Easter 1952 - 1

Easter 1952 - 1 With Watermark

Black & white Photo, before editing

Price: $5.00

Asheville Catholic Church,

Asheville Catholic Church, With Watermark

Original photo, cropped,edited & colored

Price: $12.00


Biltmore-Church With Watermark

side view of very old Asheville Church changed from plain photo to stunning. Great for framing.8x10"

Price: $12.00


BOO With Watermark

Some times that crazy shot can make the most fun picture. My apology,but that crazy artist in me just couldn't resist.

Price: $12.00

Derrick & Bree, Asheville,NC

Derrick & Bree, Asheville,NC With Watermark

Cropped, edited and colored

Fancy Getup

Fancy Getup With Watermark

Original Photo Cropped,edited, colored

Price: $14.00

Roots n' Hair

Roots n Hair With Watermark

2 Tone Original Design

Price: $12.50

1st Baptist Church

1st Baptist Church With Watermark

Originall Composition, suitable for printing. Beautiful Historical Church in Asheville,NC Extensive editing and color work by MK

Price: $14.50

Feeding Baby

Feeding Baby With Watermark

Damaged old photo,cropped,edited and colored

Price: $15.00